Key Stage 2

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Our KS2 programme offers a range of learning activites that meets National Curriculum objectives. Covering Anglo-Saxons, Tudors, Victorian and Georgian eras, students will learn about significant historical events, people and places in the locality. With a variety of trails and activities - including our ever popular Victorian Laundry Sessions - students get the opportunity to explore the museum and handle exhibits.

Choose from our selection of enjoyable workshops below or mix and match! 

In addition to our museum sessions, we also run a series of Town Trails. These provide the opportunity for studies over time, tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality. A guided Geography trail is also available.

Trails can be added to one of our workshops or booked independently. See below for more information.

All sessions involve a consultation with our experienced local guides, to ensure that you and your pupils get the most out of your visit. We can also accommodate local history projects on request. See our Teacher Info section to help you plan your visit.

To book, or for more information, call us on 01629 813642 or email [email protected] 

How We Lived in the Past

Victorian Laundry Sessions
Toys and Games of Yesteryear
Set in the atmospheric Victorian kitchen, pupils are given a Victorian alter ego. Dressed in period costume and allowed to handle museum exhibits, they can experience an authentic and enjoyable washday!
Play with authentic Victorian games and toys in our courtyard, including Hop Scotch, Skipping Ropes, Hula Hoops, and Whip-and-Tops. Learn and sing Victorian songs or dance like a Tudor!

Tudor Times
Explore life in a Tudor house! Learn how to dance like a Tudor, play like a Tudor and even dress like one. Includes Museum Trails and artefact handling.

Museum Trails

Victorian Trail
Tudor Trail
Discover the secrets of the Victorian house. How did people live and work? What was life like for children? And what was a night soil man?   
Reveal the secrets of the Old House Museum's earliest era, by exploring the life of Christopher Plant and his household.

Town Trails

Anglo-Saxon Bakewell
Our Town Trails present fieldwork opportunities for KS2. Visit sites, structures and artefacts across Bakewell.

Mediaeval Bakewell 1066 - 1485
Suitable for KS3 visit sites, buildings, structures and artefacts that existed in mediaeval times or were created then. 

Tudor Bakewell: visit Tudor buildings in Bakewell. Compares Tudor life and the present day and explores events beyong living memory, such as the dissolution of the monasteries.

Victorian Bakewell: a study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality. Focuses on the development of Bakewell during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Sir Richard Arkwright and Lumford Mill: a study of the aspect of history and a site that is significant in the locality. Visit the site of Arkwright's mill and find out why Bakewell was so important in the rise of industrialisation. 

Geography Fieldwork: encourages pupils to consolidate their place and locational knowledge and improve their grasp of physical and human geography.