Outside talk  - "Past to Present"

If your group can not get to us - we will come to you.
Our knowlegable guide, Mandy Coates, has developed a short talk on the history of the oldest house in Bakewell and its subsequent development into the delightful folk museum that is Bakewell Old House Museum today.

Mandy commented  "On looking into the history of the Old House it was fascinating to see how the House's development was entwined with various local family dynasties some of whom were to become important movers and shakers of Derbyshire, surrounding counties and far beyond.  The general gist of the talk, which is illustrated with a variety of images, starts at the Norman Conquest and moves through the building and growth of the Parsonage House, through some of the history of the Gell family then on to the Arkwrights and mill building.  It then looks at the gradual decline and almost loss of the house leading on to its phoenix like rise, becoming the place we love today"

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